A Brief Introduction About the Famous Place of the Cahokia, MO

The Cahokia, MO is a popular tourist attraction. The Cahokia Mounds National Park is the location of an ancient Native American village directly across the river from St. Louis, MO. This historic site lies in southern Illinois between Collinsville and East St. Louis. People come from all over the Midwest to view the amazing history of the Cahokia and its Native Americans. It is located on the site where a great battle was fought between the Spaniards and the native American Indians during the colonial days of the USA. Further facts about  St. Louis, MO  can be found here.


The site is part of the Illinois Indian tribal lands in the middle of Illinois in the northern part of America. This historic site has a significant significance in the life of the American Indians since its discovery by Europeans. There are many interesting things that can be seen by tourists who visit this place. One of the famous places that people visit the place is the ancient Indian ceremonial center of the site known as the Temple of the Sun. Another one is the Cahokia Mound State Park. Visitors can see the very well-preserved archaeological features of the ancient American Indians. See here for information about Carondelet, MO – A Great Place For Your Family Vacation.



The visitors can also visit the state park, which is located in the very north part of the site. This site is also visited by many tourists every year. If you want to go to this area, you can easily get there by taking a plane from Chicago or St. Louis. You can choose to travel by rail, train, car, or bus. You can also choose to drive in your own car.


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