Adult Fun Activities to Engage in In St Louis, MO

We all love to engage in fun activities that give us a shot of adrenaline. It gets better when you are competing with your friends and want to see who is the best among the crew. Activities such as rock climbing and axe throwing give this opportunity, and St Louis has a few destinations where you can get that adrenaline running. Click here for facts about St. Louis, MO.

Upper Limits Rock Climbing Gym

Without a doubt, one of the premier and most loved indoor rock-climbing gyms in the Midwest, Upper Limits Maryland Heights in St. Louis, offers participants over 14,500 sq. Ft. of climbing surface. It comes complete with a massive top-out boulder and two giant lead arches. In addition to that, there is a fitness room, fully equipped with cardio and weight equipment to help you stay healthy. Click here to read about Enjoy A Night of Bowling in St Louis, MO.


Top-Notch Axe Throwing St. Louis

This is an out of this world Axe Throwing Facility located in downtown St Louis. It provides a unique but fun experience for you and your party to put your aiming skills to the test and see who can throw an axe best. To make things better, they allow food and drinks from outside, so do not worry about having to pay ridiculous costs for a beer.