Bella Villa, MO

Bella Villa, MO is a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, which is in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. The population of Bella Villa was just under 5,000 at the 2010 census. Bella Villa has a very interesting history that is well documented in various books and articles. Bella Villa was originally named, after the town’s founder, Edward Tilly, who was born in 1886 in Bella Villa. He also had the town named after him. Bella Villa is still named after one of his sons, George W. Tilly. There were also two churches built in Bella Villa by his father. St. Louis, MO  information can be seen at this link.


Bella Villa was originally built as a retirement community for middle-aged men. The community was originally called the Northwoods Ranch and later known as the Edward Tilly Association. When it was time to build homes for the residents, Edward Tilly was in dire need of a way to move his senior citizens from their homes. He had trouble paying their mortgages, so he purchased land in Bella Villa, MO and built a small town there. Bella Vista was originally a farm and an old house. Bella Vista is located along a creek that runs through Bella Village. Click here to read about The Brentwood, MO Area.



The Bella Villa area has always been popular with retirees, college students, and young couples since Bella Villas has always been small enough to be affordable to stay in. Bella Villas is located close to all major roads. The city of Bella Villa, MO is also home to several hospitals and medical centers. Bella Villas is also located near the University of Missouri. The Bella Vista area is also well connected with St. Charles, Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, Memphis, Columbus, New Orleans, and many other major cities in Missouri and Illinois. Bella Villas is very close to the airport, as well.


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