Carondelet, Missouri – A Quiet Place to Live

Carondelet, MO is a quiet and quite suburb in the southwest portion of Missouri. It was originally incorporated in 1856 and became an entirely separate city in 1870, when St. Louis was incorporated into the city. Since the 2020 Census, this suburb has a population of nine thousand. This small community sits along the northern banks of the Mississippi River and is in the suburb of Hazelwood. More about St. Louis, MO  can be seen here.


Carondelet’s residents are primarily made up of African Americans. The town’s population includes mostly European Americans, but some Japanese, Chinese, and other minority groups may be found living in the area. The median household income in this town is about fifty thousand dollars. Of course, there are many who earn less than that and many who earn more. Information about Living in Clayton, Missouri can be found here.



Carondelet MO is very safe and secure. This small town is one of few in Missouri that has never had to face a major crime wave and has not experienced any terrorist activity since the late nineteen eighties. There are many families who live here who have been here for many generations. If you would like to stay in this quiet community, but want to enjoy the scenic Riverside view, you may want to consider moving to Hazelwood, MO, where there are less crime and less poverty. You will also find that this suburb is fairly close to a variety of attractions, including Hazelwood airport, Hazelwood-Shawnee Regional Airport, and the St. Joseph County Regional Airport. If you are looking for a quiet, low-cost place to live in Missouri, Carondelet, MO may be just what you are looking for.