Dupo, Missouri Homeowners

Dupo, Missouri is a small town just east of Kansas City. The largest portion of the town lies in the eastern part of town and the western portion is where you’ll find the majority of the residents. The town was originally founded around 1875 and was originally called El Monte. There are a number of buildings that have been built within the town since its founding. Clicking here will deliver more on St. Louis, MO


The town’s history can be traced back to around the Civil War, when several families would hold fundraisers to help fund their war effort. These fundraisers would usually consist of a large number of people attending a town fair, and they’d also include livestock such as cattle, horses, and hogs. When the Civil War ended, many families in town would relocate to various areas around the country so that they could live off the land. After the relocation, they would also go about building homes and businesses in this new town. It was at one point when Dupo, MO became the center for business in the area. Read about Huntleigh, MO here.



Dupo, MO has a population that ranges from four hundred to two hundred thousand and is about ten hours east of Kansas City. A lot of businesses exist within the area that cater to the needs of the people that live in this area. As well as being a bustling town, it also has a small number of people that live in a few different houses throughout the town. Dupo, MO also boasts a lot of history that includes the fact that during World War II, the U.S. Navy used the town as an airfield to conduct maneuvers.


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