Family-Friendly Fun Activities to Do in St Louis, MO

Whole Family Fun

St Louis has plenty of destinations where you can go and have a good time. Regardless of whether you are with the family or a group of friends, there is plenty that you can engage in. Here are some of the highest-rated fun destinations in St Louis. Learn more here.

Steinberg Skating Rink

A little ice skating never hurt anyone. In fact, it has been proven to be a good way to teach the body how to balance, so why not have some fun while at it. The Steinberg Skating Rink is the go-to place for ice skating in St Louis. Ideal for family outings and the costs are very reasonable, especially considering that you can skate for as long as you wish. Learn more about Top Attractions in St Louis, MO.

Gateway Paintball

Who doesn’t love a good game of paintball? It is an excellent idea for family bonding and is even more exciting for those that have a competitive edge. Gateway Paintball is the best place to go paintballing in St Louis as you can double the fun by hosting kids’ birthday parties.

Great American Human Foosball

Just like the name suggests, a life-size American Foosball game. Name a more fun activity than that, and we’ll wait.