History of Mehlville, MO

Mehlville, MO, is an outer-ring suburb of Saint Louis, and a census-designated area in southern St. Louis County. The population was 27,382 at the 2020 Census. It is an unincorporated community in the St. Claire County, MO, Subdivision. Mehlville has a very rich historical past, with a history of being a French colony and home to St. Francis of Assissi, a famous Franciscan friar who founded a mission there in the 16th century. Today the population consists mostly of Christians, with an occasional Jew, Muslim, or Hindu. St. Louis, MO  information can be seen at this link.


Today, Mehlville’s oldest buildings are its churches. Its oldest church, St. Francis of Assissi Catholic Church, is over 400 years old. Other historic landmarks are the St. Ignatius Loyola Parish and the St. Anthony Catholic Church. The St. James Catholic Church is another famous landmark, with its distinctive Gothic architecture. The St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, founded by the French in 1793, is another important landmark. Mehlville has also become a major medical center, with several hospitals that offer a variety of medical services. Some of these include St. Francis Medical Center and St. Clair Medical Center. Discover facts about Things To See And Do In Oakville, MO.



Mehlville, MO, is part of the main city, which is located across the Mississippi River in Saint Louis. The main city has many notable landmarks, including the Gateway Arch and Saint Louis University’s main campus. Mehlville has a population of less than seven hundred people, which makes it one of the smallest towns in the entire state of Missouri. However, it is still the fifth largest town in St. Claire County. It is easily accessible by a number of transportation options. It is served by light rail and by the popular Saint Louis suburban bus system.


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