Imperial, MO, Population – 3,711

Imperial, MO is a beautiful, census-designated town in Jefferson County, Kansas. The population has grown over the years to 4,715 in the 2020 Census, up slightly from the previous census. It is in the northwest corner of Jefferson County. The population is split evenly between blacks and whites with Hispanics making up less than one percent. It was originally referred to as West Kimberly and is located twenty miles north of downtown St. Louis on Highway 62. Look here for more about St. Louis, MO.


St. John’s Church is a historic parish church that sits at the heart of Imperial. A large open area around the church has seating that is open to the public. There are several places that are within walking distance of this church. It also sits across the street from a small park. This park features picnic tables and a playground. A playground is part of the plan when the community first started. Click here to read about Enjoy a Day at the City Center of Kirkwood, MO.



The community is in the Imperial, Missouri Census Division area and is incorporated into the Jefferson County government. The town serves as a center for a number of activities that include a general store, two restaurants, two parks, a barbershop, and many other businesses. The town is known for being home to both African Americans and Hispanics. The demographics indicate that this community is one of the most diverse cities in Kansas City. As well, the demographics show that there are many people that are not affiliated with any religion.


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