Mackenzie, MO is a Midwestern Community in the St Louis Metropolitan Area

Mackenzie, MO is a community of modest homes tucked between rolling hills and overlooking an agricultural landscape. Mackenzie is a subdivision of St. Francis, MO. The population was 133 at the 2020 Census. This community of residences consists of a few homes on one lot, several single-family homes, and a small number of condos, townhouses, and apartments. There are also a small number of cabins, recreational vehicles, boat slips, and private golf courses. Find further facts here.


The residents of Mackenzie, MO live on a relatively small lot on the edge of the town called “The Valley”. The majority of the residents are from southern Kansas City and are retired. Residents are mostly white and have mostly been married for at least a year. Mackenzie is a middle-class community with a number of well to do families and some lower-income areas. There are a number of schools located in the vicinity of Mackenzie. The Mackenzie School District is well regarded and one of the most populated school districts in the St. Francis area of the Kansas City metro. The schools offer a variety of different programs, which include early childhood education, high school education, adult basic education, and community colleges in the St. Francis area of the Kansas City metro area. Read about Maplewood, Missouri is Beautiful here.



Residents of this community are quite happy and satisfied with their residence. There are many jobs available in the area, including many that are within a walking distance. People who work in this community are highly educated and are generally very satisfied with their work. There are also a number of retirement communities available to residents of the community, such as the St. Francis Community Retirement Community. Residents of Mackenzie are well known in the community and are usually well respected and have a great sense of community pride.


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