Neighborhood Guide To Des Peres, MO

Des Peres, MO is located just west of St. Clair County, in the far western portion of St. Louis. The city was incorporated into a city in 1980 and is located near the Mississippi River on the west bank of Lake Springfield. The town of Des Peres has grown significantly over the past century and the population today consists of people who are from several different generations. As a result of this, there are several different neighborhoods that have emerged in Des Peres. See further information here.


One of the largest neighborhoods in Des Peres, MO is known as the West End. This neighborhood was originally developed around a railroad trestle and as the area grew it was added to a series of other smaller neighborhoods, making it even larger. One of the most notable features in this neighborhood is the historic church. The church sits directly across from the railroad trestle. Learn more about Dupo, Missouri Homeowners.



Another neighborhood in Des Peres, MO that is worth noting is called the Central West End. This neighborhood is located north of the river in the middle section of Des Peres, MO. The streets here are lined with residential homes and are not too far from the Des Peres Dam. One thing you can be sure of about this neighborhood is that the houses are a lot older and in need of repairs and renovations.


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