Sappington, MO – Community in St Louis County

Sappington, MO is an officially-incorporated community in St. Louis County, MO, United States of America. The population in the town is approximately 7,500. There are over fifty shops and businesses that have opened to service the growing number of residents. Most residents of Sappington are African Americans. Many people come from all over the world, including immigrants, to live and work in Sappington. People who are new to the area flock to the town to find jobs or just enjoy its quaint feel. It has a wide range of retail establishments that cater to a variety of customers from various cultures, from immigrants to veterans and anyone else who may be looking for a comfortable living. Information can be found here.

There are a large number of businesses that provide services to residents of Sappington. Residents and visitors have access to a grocery store, two parks, a swimming pool, a fire station, a post office, a playground, a movie theater and numerous other activities. These businesses are usually located near major roads and the main street in town. Sappington is also home to the St. Anthony Village Senior Center. This center is dedicated to helping seniors in this community. See here for information about The Real Estate Market for Sunset Hills, MO.



A community that strives to keep itself clean is provided through a number of different social service programs. There is the Sappington Youth Association. This organization is responsible for providing a variety of after school and summer programs for youth in Sappington, MO. Community outreach is also a part of the organization’s activities. In addition, the Sappington Recreation Department provides free weekend hours of sports and recreation for the entire community.


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