St Louis, Embraces the World of Theatre

A Theatre Lover’s Paradise

St Louis isn’t famous for its theatre productions but has a few gems that air some delightful shows. From classic plays to popular musicals and even melodious symphonies, you can be sure to catch something that you enjoy. For a night of good theatre, here are a few places to check out. St. Louis, MO can be seen here.

Louis Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1880, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra is recognized internationally as an ensemble of the highest caliber, performing a broad musical repertoire. The SLSO’s Mercy Holiday Celebration is a local favorite. Some of the most talented people from all over the county come together to put on a fantastic show for the guests. It is a wonderful idea for a date night, especially if you both enjoy musical stylings. Information about St Louis, MO Is an Outdoor Lover’s Delight can be found here. 

Powell Hall

Powell Hall is a wonderfully ornate hall built to enhance your attendance at a performance of a Symphony. The acoustics are nothing short of perfect, and the seating is very comfortable. If that is not enough, guests get a complimentary coffee and donuts. You can be sure that once you visit Powell Hall, you will be dying to go back.