St Louis Is A Town with Many Specialty Museums

Get to Learn A Lot

Not many people fancy a typical museum tour. They can be boring, and sometimes you do not get to learn anything new that you couldn’t have learned through the internet. This is why most people would rather tour a speciality museum. They are far much more exciting and give you a unique experience to learn about a particular topic that you would otherwise not have known. Here are some of the most popular speciality museums in St Louis. Look here for more about St. Louis, MO.

Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum

For all the baseball fans out there, this is it for you. The Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum boasts one of the largest team-specific collections of artifacts and memorabilia in the world, which features stadiums, players, and championship moments. The museum has seven galleries that take you on a trip down memory lane, allowing you to learn about the birth of the franchise and relive special memories. Click here to read about Popular Kids Museums in St Louis.

Jefferson Barracks Telephone Museum

Housed in a beautifully restored 1896 building, the Jefferson Barracks Telephone Museum is on the National Register of Historic Places. The self-guided, accessible museum has many how-things-work, hands-on displays. In addition to the extensive collection of telephones manufactured from the 1900s through the 2000s, they also have operator switchboards and military telephones from the first World War to the Gulf War.