St Louis Is the Golfing Capital of Missouri

It’s Always Tee Time

If you love golf, there is no way to spend your Saturday better than at the golf course with your buddies enjoying a good game of golf. Even if you are not that big a fan, it can be a good reason to get out of the house and provides a good way to relax your mind. Here are a few popular golf courses in St Louis. See further information here.

Norman K Probstein Golf Course

With three different nine-hole courses, the Norman K Probstein Golf Course is very impeccable for a course in the city. It has been recently renovated, and the course is greener than ever. The three different courses vary in difficulty, and you can choose two of your liking for an eighteen-hole game. The attendants are very polite and friendly. Overall, the place is perfect and recommendable for anyone staying in St Louis for the interim looking for a place to play golf. Learn more about St Louis, MO Is an Art Lover’s Heaven.

Ruth Park Municipal Golf Course

This course might not be up to PGA’s standards, but it is a good place if you are looking to have some fun. The course is in spectacular shapes with beautiful fairways and greens. It has everything you could ask for from a golf course.