St Louis, MO Is a Shoppers Delight

Popular Shopping Destinations Around the County

A tour anywhere would be deemed incomplete without a little shopping spree. You will want to get something to take back home to remind you of that tour. You might also want to shop for essentials or get that rare collectible you have been looking for. Here are a few popular shopping destinations in St Louis. More can be found here.

Puzzle Warehouse

This is the largest puzzle store in the world, so it would be a big miss if you were in Missouri and failed to stop by this store. The retail store has over 4,000 different Puzzles and hundreds of Games you can’t find anywhere else. Great for small kids and also whole family fun. See here for information about St Louis, MO Is A Foodie’s Paradise.

Soulard Farmers Market

This is the oldest farmers market west of the Mississippi. The market plays host to local farmers, one organic farmer, spice shop, a world-class bakery, and many produce vendors that handle local and shipped in produce. Besides that, vendors also sell a variety of other general merchandise like shirts, jewelry, incense, sports memorabilia, and so much more.

West County Center

This is an all in one shopping mall located in Des Peres. The center hosts some of the biggest brands worldwide, such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, Macy’s, Naartjie Kids, Nordstrom, Sephora, and a flagship XXI Forever and so much more.