Taking a Closer Look at St. Louis, MO

Exploring the Beauty of St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is a city that has a rich history. Founded in 1764, St. Louis became the home of many historical moments throughout time. In fact, the ice cream cone was said to be invented within the city limits of St. Louis. It is easy to see why the local people are so sweet. Learn information about St. Louis, MO.

Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags St. Louis is an extraordinary family amusement park that offers a variety of entertainment. From live shows to music concerts, there are many things to enjoy here. Batman: The Ride is a high adrenaline roller coaster that takes riders on a wild journey. The Screaming Eagle is a roller coaster made of wood that has been clocked running at sixty two miles per hour. Thunder River is a great place to cool off while soaking up the sun. Discover facts about Living it Up in St. Louis, MO.

Paddle Wheel Boat Cruise

Climb aboard for an aquatic adventure. A nineteenth century paddle wheel boat offers a short cruise that is narrated. Cruise members will feel like they are floating down the muddy Mississippi River when they embark on this adventure. This is a family friendly activity.