Taking a Stroll Through St. Louis, MO

Best Locations for Thrills and Fun in St. Louis, MO

If you want to have a good time in St. Louis, you need to step off the beaten path. You have to explore your options to find the hidden gems. The local history and culture can leave you enchanted with their magic. Explore this exciting city to see what type of adventure awaits you. More can be found here.

St. Louis Art Museum

With one of the most impressive collections in the entire country, the St. Louis Art Museum offers art from a variety of time periods. Younger crowds will enjoy the historic artifacts from Ancient Egypt, which does include mummies. A family friend tour can be experienced on Sundays, which is dubbed as Family Fun Day. Audio guides are perfect for older children. See also about Historic and Adventurous St. Louis, MO.

Historic Old Courthouse

The Old Courthouse is a place where historic roots run deep. At this location, Dred Scott fought for his freedom from slavery. During a different point in history, the location would also be where Virginia Minor took a stand and fought for voting equality among genders. This national park system has expert rangers that can take visitors on guided and informative tours of the area.