The Brentwood, MO Area

Brentwood, MO is a major city in the St. Louis area of the state of Missouri. It is also a major suburb of St. Joseph, situated in northern St. Louis County, Illinois, in the state of Missouri. The population in Brentwood has been approximately 8,000 in the 2020 Census. Brentwood has one of the largest number of sub-divisions in the St. Louis area. The suburbs are mostly located north and west of downtown St. Louis in areas like Brentwood, Maplewood, and Chesterfield. These areas are known as the Gateway Subdivision to downtown St. Louis. More can be found here.


The main reason for its popularity as a suburban community in the St Louis area is that it lies within the suburbs of two of the major metropolitan areas in the area. This is important because the neighborhoods in Brentwood can easily be accessed from the downtown area of St. Charles. Brentwood is also a close commute from the downtown area of Columbia. This means that people who work in the downtown area can easily commute to their jobs in the suburbs of St Louis by public transportation and buses. Discover facts about A Brief Introduction About the Famous Place of the Cahokia, MO.



There are some major neighborhoods that you will want to stay away from in Brentwood. These include South Brentwood, Northeast Brentwood, Northwest Brentwood, and Northeast Brentwood North. South Brentwood contains only a few low-income families, while the other neighborhoods consist of upper-income families. Northeast Brentwood is the middle-income neighborhood that consists of some middle-class families. This neighborhood includes some high-income families, but not as many as the other neighborhoods. If you are looking for a neighborhood with a wide range of incomes, then Southeast Brentwood might be the neighborhood for you.


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