The Ideal Places to Go Hiking in St Louis, MO

One for The Explorers

Hiking is one of the best ways to engage your body in a vigorous workout. It also provides a great opportunity to relax your mind and take a break from the ever-busy world. If you are visiting St Louis, or have just moved into the area and are looking for good hiking trails, the following should be helpful. Find further facts here.

Grant’s Trail

This is a paved eight-mile path running from Big Bend to Orlando Greens. There isn’t much elevation, but there is a slight decline in the first couple of miles. The trail has some spectacular back lot views of Grants Farms fields, and sometimes the Clydesdale horses are right next to the path which provides good viewing. There are also several shops along the way where you can buy a drink if need be. See here for information about The Most Recommendable Places to Go Paragliding.

Mississippi River Greenway – Jefferson Barracks Trail

This 1.8-mile section of the Greenway trail runs from Jefferson Barracks Park to River City Casino. It is an easy walk with an up-close view of the river, which can be very peaceful and relaxing. The trail is paved, so do not worry about getting covered in mud.