Things To See And Do In Oakville, MO

Oakville, MO is a census-designated town in south central St. Louis County, Missouri. The population in this town was 36,123 in the 2020 census. Oakville, MO is located just over twelve miles north of the City of St Louis and only thirty-five miles east of the state line. The majority of Oakville’s residents are white, as it is located along the Ozark and Cedar Rivers, which are very close to the Missouri-Kansas border. More can be found here.


Because Oakville is on the river, the area is full of water sports. There are boating and fishing clubs for residents and non-residents, as well as an annual boat show. There are a number of golf courses that cater to both locals and visitors of Oakville, MO. Many businesses in Oakville have satellite television and internet access as well. There are also a number of grocery stores and small shops, restaurants, and other establishments that cater to the needs of Oakville, MO. Learn more about Olivette, Missouri – St Clair County, Missouri.



There are some major attractions in Oakville, MO. The local area is home to many schools that cater to students from all around the world. There are also a number of colleges that provide degrees in several fields, and Oakville has become home to the University of Missouri-St. Louis’ academic campus. There are also museums in Oakville, MO that have exhibits and displays devoted to various subjects, including art, history, and anthropology.


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