Top Rated Escape Rooms in St Louis MO

For the Adventure Seeking Mystery Solvers

Escape rooms are all the rage these days. They are a good opportunity to challenge your brain in a fun way as you try and solve mysteries like your freedom depends on it; because it does. They also provide an excellent chance for team building and family bonding because it is only through cooperation that you can get out. Here are some of the best escape rooms in St Louis. Further facts about St. Louis, MO can be found here.

Mastermind Room Escape

Mastermind Room Escape gives you and your crew the challenging task of solving mind-boggling puzzles to free yourself. The rooms come in different themes and levels of difficulty, and you can choose one depending on what you prefer.  Information about Art and Craft Lessons in St Louis MO can be found here. 

Gateway Escape Rooms

With a new location in South County at Concord Plaza, Gateway Escape Rooms gives guests a unique opportunity to have fun and make memories. Their escape rooms are loved by everyone around the area and is the go-to spot for whole family fun.

Escape Challenge St. Louis

You and your team of 4-10 people have an hour to solve riddles, reveal clues, and piece them together to make the grand escape. At Escape Challenge, there are a few different themes you can choose from and do not worry if you are a first-timer because the staff is more than happy to help.