What is Known As “Richmond Heights, MO?”

Richmond Heights, MO is a large city in the St. Louis County, MO. It is an outer-ring suburb of St Louis, Missouri, in the state’s southern part. The population was approximately 8,603 in the 2020 census. According to Robert L. Ramsey, the first name for the city was suggested by Robert Lee, who believed that the geographical features of the place reminded him of Richmond, VA. The name came about because he felt that Lee would have been an appropriate choice, given the fact that it was situated near Lee’s home. The name is also thought to have come from a family reference to Lee as a “Rich” Richmond.” In addition, it may have stemmed from the town of St. Clair, MO, which is a name that meant “great house.” Visit this link for more information.


Richmond Heights has a large metropolitan area that is bordered by Missouri River on the north, Kansas River on the south, Ohio River on the east and Mississippi River on the west. Its center is located near the intersection of Washington Blvd. and Park Ridge Avenue. Many people who live in this area commute to work in the downtown area of the metropolitan area. A number of banks are located in the immediate area, as well as a variety of stores such as Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Macy’s. Read about A Brief Overview of Rock Hill, MO. here.



Various neighborhoods in the area are predominantly residential. The city is home to several large businesses as well as some smaller businesses. Its largest employer is the Missouri Department of Transportation (Missouri DOT). This department owns and maintains several roads in the area. In addition, the Missouri State Highway Patrol maintains several roads in the area as well. This is a good example of how the city of Richmond Heights, MO is growing, despite the presence of a large metropolitan area.


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