Wilbur Park, MO

Wilbur Park, MO is a small village on the south side of St. Louis, Missouri. It was created by St. Clair Co., Missouri in 1856. It is located on the south bank of the Mississippi River just north of St. Clair and the Missouri River. The village is bordered by the Ozark Mountains to the west and the Platte River to the east. It is situated near St. Clair Co. and a number of other small townships. Learn more here.


It has a rural lifestyle that is easy going, friendly, and laid back. There is no crime and there are very few issues with the police being called out to a residence. This is also a place where you can find employment. It has a lot of employment opportunities for people who live in the area. A lot of different businesses are found in Wilbur Park. Learn more about The Best Things About Living in Affton, MO.



Wilbur Park, MO has many parks and recreational areas. There are many picnic and hiking areas that are open year-round. There are a lot of places that are good for picnics and walks in Wilbur Park, MO. The town is very safe because of the presence of the Police Department, the Fire department, and the fire marshal. You can get around the area easily with the bus route, the bike route, or the footpath. The bus takes you to the various parts of the area that you need to be.


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